Seacrest Beach, Florida

A one of a kind destination restaurant and bar located on the main drag of Scenic Highway 30A, America’s favorite new beach vacation resort area. 

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Back in the day when people were smart instead of phones, folks would come down to the local watering hole, or Ice House as it was called in the South, for ice cold beer in the bottle; stick-to-your-ribs honest food you dreamt about; seeing good friends and making new ones.

You knew where you were and were damn glad to be there. Family, community, hard work and a sense of tradition. Good things to live by.

To that end, we proudly present Acme Ice House—your home for scratch-made delights crafted with love. 100% grass-fed natural Angus burgers cooked on a smokin’ hot griddle. Wood-burning ovens turning out all forms of pizzas and other tasty dishes from days gone by. Ice cream dreams that remind you of grandma’s back porch on a hot summer day.

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Newly opened in Spring of 2014, Acme Ice House features a down-home bar with flat screens galore so everybody can watch their favorite team. Open kitchens dazzle your senses. An outdoor patio to enjoy the heaven known as 30A. Topped off with a team of fun-loving folks whose mission is to make you wish you could just move in.

We’ll keep your seat open …

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The Pearl, Rosemary Beach, Florida
Opened in August 2013, The Pearl has quickly become the hottest hotel on Northwest Florida's 30A and a top resort property on the Emerald Coast. We expect it to eventually rank among the best beach resorts in the United States.

Acme Ice House, Seacrest Beach, Florida
An original new American roadhouse, new since Spring 2014 in Seacrest Beach, FL.

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